We investigate reports relating to the following illegal content on the internet:

  • child sexual abuse material and

  • endorsement of National Socialist ideology


Stopline is the online reporting centre for people who encounter depictions of sexual abuse involving minors
and evidence of endorsement of National Socialist ideology on the internet.
Stopline’s overarching goal is to bring about their rapid removal from the internet
with a minimum of bureaucracy, above all if they are hosted in Austria.

Change in the use of the terms “child pornography” and “National Socialism” 

Stopline marked its 20th anniversary in 2018 and is taking this milestone as an opportunity to join the international community’s work to eliminate use of the phrase “child pornography”. The former Report Centre against Child Pornography and National Socialism on the Internet is now called the Austrian Report Centre against Child Sexual Abuse Material and National Socialism on the Internet. Experts who work with the young people affected confirm that the term “child pornography” downplays the seriousness of the depictions of sexual abuse, violence and coercion.