/ Stopline Board

The structure of Stopline

Stopline was incorporated within the ISPA as an institution of voluntary self-regulation of Austrian internet service providers, and it is subject to the Code of Conduct of the ISPA members.

Stopline Board

The Stopline Board is a communication platform between the business community, the internet industry and public authorities. Specialists like lawyers and university professors contribute additional expertise. The Stopline board has 3 - 4 meetings per year.
This board supports the general cooperation of the different organizations in their fight against illegal content on the internet, facilitates the exchange of knowledge, and enables mutual assistance. Additionally, the Stopline board is responsible for the operation of Stopline itself. It discusses internal procedures and competences, and defines key aspects of its activity.

Members of the Stopline Board:

  • Mr. Stefan Ebenberger (ISPA)
  • Mr. Bernhard Jungwirth (Saferinternet.at)
  • Mr. Peter Oskar Miller (ISPA executive board)
  • Mrs. Birgit Mühl (ISPA)
  • Mrs. Michaela Obenaus (BMJ / Federal Ministry of Justice, executive prosecutor)
  • Mr. Robert Schischka (CEO nic.at/CERT.at)
  • Mrs. Barbara Schloßbauer (Chair of Stopline Advisory Board)
  • Mrs. Gabriele Schmölzer (University Graz)
  • Mr. Maximilian Schubert (Meta)
  • Mr. Wolfgang Schwabl (A1 Telekom Austria AG)
  • Mr. Hans-Jürgen Szatovits (BMI - Criminal Intelligence Service)
  • Mr. Jürgen Ungerböck (BMI – Criminal Intelligence Service)
  • Representative of the BMI - Directorate for State Security and Intelligence (DSN)