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ISPA - Brochure: "The Online Zoo"

The youngest generation of digital natives is growing up with mobile phones, Internet etc. But without media education, children are often unable to cope with the amount of media and technology. This book promotes media skills for children in a playful way. The book is available as hardcopy in German and as e-book in many other languages!

Download here

You can find further languages here: https://www.ispa.at/wissenspool/onlinezoo/onlinezoo-detailseite/broschuere/detailansicht/der-online-zoo-e-book/ 

ISPA - Brochure: Media educational manual in addition to the book „The Online Zoo“

The media educational manual is aimed at parents, educationists and other people with contact to children.

Download here - available in German only

ISPA - Guidebook: „How to use the Internet safely“

The 6th edition of the online security manual "How to use the Internet safely" gives advice on how to surf the Internet safely.

Download here - available in German only

You can find additional brochures (German only) for various topics here: https://www.ispa.at/wissenspool/broschueren.html